80Kg Plumbed-In Ice-Maker Gourmet Ice

Discover the dynamic fusion of capacity and elegance with the SM-80 Plumbed-In Gourmet Ice-Maker. Producing up to 80kg of gourmet ice cubes in just 24 hours, this sleek stainless steel wonder serves as a steadfast backbone for small commercial operations, company canteens, sports bars and small pubs. Striking the perfect balance between functionality and design, this ice-maker not only guarantees an endless stream of perfectly shaped ice cubes but also enriches any setting with its modern aesthetic. From daily operations to weekend buzz, the SM-80 ensures that every drink served is refreshingly chilled.

Range Features:

60 Ice Cubes Per Cycle
Water Recycling Function
Allow +/- 150mm For For Feet
Note: We Recommend A Certified Plumber Installs These Plumbed-In Ice-Makers. These Units Have A Gravity-Fed Drain Point, Thus The Drain Point Must Be Lower Than The Ice-Maker. Ensure To Keep The Units Well Ventilated. A Maximum Ambient Temperature of 38°C is recommended. Ensure To Clean The Condensor Filter Accordingly.
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Dimensions (mm) Unit:
Dimensions (mm) Packaged:
Storage Bin Volume:
Rated Current:
Net Weight:
Ice Type:
Ice Making Capacity:
Gourmet Ice Size (mm):
Total Input Power:
Design Criteria:
Suggested Application
(H) 1140 (W) 730 (D) 620
(H) 1140 (W) 730 (D) 620
Gourmet Ice
H 34, W 28.5, D 34
Engineered for the African climate.
Home Bar, Office, Commercial Operation, Canteen, Sports Bar, Pub, Gym
Stainless Steel

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