SnoMaster Ice-Maker products are services by the below entities across South Africa.

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      For Nationwide Installation in Main Centres

      SnoMaster Ice-Maker Installation Services Agreement


      This agreement outlines the terms and conditions governing the installation services of SnoMaster Ice-Makers provided by third-party contractors. It is essential for customers to comprehend these provisions to ensure a seamless installation experience.

      • Payment for Installation:

      • The customer will be responsible for compensating the contractor for installation services. The exact amount will be determined following a preliminary site assessment in main areas. Should the customer fall outside a main centre catchment area and require a preliminary site assessment, a call-out fee may be charged for the site assessment. 

      • Any additional costs arising from supplementary requirements identified on the day of installation will be borne by the customer, based on mutual agreement with the contractor.

      • Essential Installation Requirements:

      • A ¾ inch water supply point.
      • A water pressure range between 2 to 4 bar.
      • An external drainage point positioned 100mm below the water outlet of the designated SnoMaster Ice-Maker.
      • A 220V dedicated power supply (specifications available on request). 

      • Potential Additional Charges:

      • If the complexity of the installation surpasses standard expectations, the customer may incur extra fees due to extended contractor presence on-site. Any technical complications resulting in supplementary labour or material expenses will be communicated to the customer by the contractor.

      • Exclusions: 

      Service offered by the installation contractor encompass the previously listed requirements but do not include the following, which are not within scope of services offered by the contractor, thus will incur additional charges, payable by the customer and/or may require a third party to supply the below additional services:

      • Extra water supply pipework.
      • Additional drainage pipelines.
      • Excessive drilling.
      • Repainting or touch-ups.
      • Woodwork or carpentry.
      • Concealment trunking for pipework.
      • Electrical tasks.
      1. Electrical Considerations:

      If an electrical point is required, it must be arranged by a certified electrician. The expenses related to this electrical work are outside the scope of the contractor and will be payable by the customer.

      1. Warranty Stipulations by OEM or Distributor:


      1. Your warranty is subject to an accredited contractor, installing your SnoMaster Ice-Maker and to retain the warranty’s validity, the unit must undergo regular servicing.
      2. The warranty does not cover servicing fees. Thus, customers must settle any servicing costs with the contractor before any maintenance takes place.
      3. Customers are advised to maintain a log of all services performed and to present this log when making any warranty claim.
      4. Failure to adhere to the specified service intervals will result in the forfeiture of the OEM or Distributor Warranty.


      By reading the above, you hereby confirm that you have thoroughly read, understood, and accepted the aforementioned terms and conditions.