Warranty Policy

SnoMaster warrants to the ‘end-user’ that their products are free from defects in material workmanship, for the period prescribed below, commencing from the date of purchase.

SnoMaster will repair or replace a product that develops a fault within the prescribed period of time, as set out below. This period will commence from the date the ‘end-user’ purchases the product.

5-Year warranty on the compressor

3-Year warranty on the unit

1-Year warranty on all remaining parts not listed

Light bulbs and fittings are not covered under warranty

1-Year warranty on the unit

1-Year warranty on the compressor

1-Year warranty on all remaining parts not listed

* Light bulbs and fittings are not covered under warranty

7 – Year Warranty on the compressor

3 – Year warranty on the unit

1 – Year warranty on all remaining parts not listed

In accordance of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008, SnoMaster products may be repaired or exchanged by SnoMaster or accredited dealer/retailer in the first 6 (six) months from the date of purchase, for valid warranty claims. For the remainder of the warranty period after the first 6 (six) months from date of purchase, the product may be repaired or exchanged by SnoMaster, or be requested to be credited or exchanged by the accredited dealer/retailer where original purchase was made, on approval from SnoMaster. It may be required for SnoMaster to log a service call for inspection and verification for the reported fault. SnoMaster’s obligation is to repair or replace the fault or unit only once it has been returned to the original accredited dealer/retailer.

After 6 (six) months from the date of purchase, this warranty does not apply to any accessories, loose glass, glass doors and enameled surfaces, filters, handles, doors, lids, shelving, baskets, seals or any accessories and other parts subject to wear and tear, discoloring or rust. Damage caused by abrasive and highly concentrated cleaners will void the warranty.

The warranty on the product is supplied on condition that any warranty repairs will only be carried out by a SnoMaster authorized service agent/center. SnoMaster shall not be held liable for any reimbursements, claims, damages or loss that may result from the unauthorized repair of the product. 

Products that are deemed to be ‘built-in’ will be repaired on site, within reason and within 50km of major cities or towns, within South Africa only. Products that fall outside this area will only carry a parts warranty or carry a call-out fee, payable in advance to SnoMaster or its accredited service agent. Products that are deemed to be ‘portable’, such as counter-top units, portable fridge/freezers and portable ice-makers will only carry a ‘walk-in’ warranty, whereby the product will need to be taken into the SnoMaster Service Centre, accredited service agent or accredited dealer/retailer where the product was originally purchased from. In the case where the product has a ‘walk-in’ warranty and was purchased through an online store/retailer, the product will need to be taken into the SnoMaster Service Centre or accredited service agent.

Repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty does not provide the right to extension or renewal of the warranty period. Repair or direct replacement of the product under the terms of this warranty may be fulfilled with functionally equivalent service exchange units, at the discretion of SnoMaster or its authorized service agents. 

All repairs carried out by SnoMaster or authorized service agents/centres will carry a 3-month repair warranty on labour and parts for the completed repair from the date of completion and does not extend the warranty nor does it start a new warranty. Parts removed during warranty repairs become the property of SnoMaster. The repair warranty is only for the work carried out during repair and does not cover any additional repairs that might fall within this period. 

SnoMaster is not responsible for any damage to the product arising from power irregularities, including but not limited to load shedding, power surges, voltage spikes, or other electrical anomalies. We strongly advise customers to install surge protection at the point of connection to mitigate these risks.

SnoMaster relinquishes liability for any damage, theft, or other mishaps that may occur once the product has been handed over to a third-arty elivery entity (couriers, freight companies, drivers, etc.) for transportation. Once the product departs SnoMaster premises, the risk of loss or damage is transferred to the customer. We encourage customers to ensure that adequate measures are taken for the safe transportation and delivery of our products.

Warranty Exclusions, where SnoMaster will not be held liable for damages, repairs or replacement, include:

  • Periodic checks, maintenance, repair and replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear.
  • Accidental damage due to incorrect handling, normal wear and tear, faulty installation, abuse or misuse, or neglect, including but not solely limited to the failure to use the product for its intended purpose.
  • Defects resulting from usage of the product in conjunction with accessories that are not approved by SnoMaster for use of the product.
  • Failure of the product arising from incorrect installation or use not consistent with the instructions prescribed in the product user manual.
  • Accidents, Acts of God, lightning, water, fire, public disturbances, improper ventilation, voltage fluctuations and power surges, etc.
  • Unauthorized modifications carried out to the product.
  • The serial number on the product has been altered, deleted, removed or made illegible. 
  • Any repair or tampering by an unauthorized person or attempt to repair with equipment, or use of parts not supplied by SnoMaster or authorized service agents

Important Note: In order to make sure you get to use the warranty supplied with your product and for the protection of your product when returning it, please retain the box your product came in as well as the packaging and all accessories.

The above warranty conditions are only valid within the borders of South Africa. The Customer Protection Act (CPA) does not apply to cross-border countries as mentioned in the above warranty conditions. For warranty conditions, period and queries in any country outside of South Africa, kindly consult the in-country agent/accredited dealer. 

The warranty on your SnoMaster product is not transferable. The warranty will be the purchaser’s ‘sole and exclusive’ remedy and neither SnoMaster nor its service agents shall be liable for incidental or consequential damages or breach of any express or implied warranty of their product. 

The above policies are for warranty service and the customer will responsible for any costs associated with repairs that are ‘specifically EXCLUDED’ from the warranty conditions.

SnoMaster reserves the right to make final decisions regarding problem determination and the appropriate service option.

Exchange units assume the remaining warranty period of the original product.

The SnoMaster warranty is subject to change without any prior notice.

*Warranty Policy Updated 01 October 2022

The warranty is only valid upon presentation of the proof of purchase consisting of the original invoice or sales slip indicating the date of purchase, accredited dealer/retailers name, model and serial number of the product.

SnoMaster reserves the right to refuse warranty if this information has been removed or changed after the original purchase of the product from the accredited dealer/retailer.

Warranty Registration