Summer’s approaching: Time to invest in an ice maker.

As South Africans, there is one thing that we all like in our drinks: ice. Some of us (no names will be mentioned) even put ice in our beers! Some prefer to call them ice makers, some prefer to call them ice making machines, and others ice machines. Either way, we need to talk about how to find the right one for you.

Cubed, crushed or fancy bullet ice – regardless of the shape or size you are into, it is these chunks of frozen water that give our drinks that crisp, refreshing edge.

Imagine a Strawberry Daiquiri without crushed ice…impossible! Or a room-temperature G&T next to the pool? No thanks!

And yet, this fantastic, delight-infusing, crunchy, frozen must-have is often forgotten, it runs out by the time you need it or ends up a watery puddle in your cooler-box.

Why not make your own ice?

One only needs to remember that one dinner party where the ice ran out, or that scorching hot summer pool party without a cube in site to know just how crucial ice can be.

Investing in an ice maker might seem like a luxury, but, after a long, hot day, the last thing you want is a lukewarm glass of Coke or worse, warm white wine! Eew!

Imagine a bush holiday (seeing as this is allowed again) at with a group of friends – a bush getaway, far from civilisation.

Every circle of friends has that one guy who loves to buy and show off his tech toys and gadgets. This time he brings an ice maker.

What might seem like a silly appliance to schlepp to the bush, quickly becomes the holiday hero as the collective ice stock melts away. The fire hasn’t even started, the ice is gone and the nearest shop is miles away.

Never fear. Your trusty gadget-crazy companion plugged in his trusty ice machine when you arrived. While the rest of you were unpacking and getting your sundowners ready, the handy little ice machine has been churning out ice cubes in the background.

DING! Ice is ready.

A portable ice maker means that you can have ice readily available in your caravan, on your boat, or at home. No more last-minute rush trips to the shop or waiting for tiny ice trays to solidify in your home freezer compartment.

How to Choose the Perfect Ice Maker

ice on demand

Think About Capacity

The first thing you need to know when selecting an ice maker is that they are not all the same.

Some ice makers can produce enough ice cubes for the whole family on new years eve, while others produce enough to supply a busy bar or restaurant.

Be careful not to under or overestimate your needs as your selection could leave you either too much or too little ice.

SnoMaster offers a variety of ice makers for the home as well as commercial ice makers for restaurants, bars and hotels.

Think About Portability

Portable or table-top ice makers are power-friendly and can run on both AC and DC which means the appliance can be run from your 4X4, caravan or boat, and at home.

SnoMaster’s 15kg tabletop ice maker, is one such example.

A truly versatile option you can use in your kitchen or bar or take it on your travels and hook it up to battery power in your caravan or camper.

With its compact size measuring at 414mm high, 360mm wide and 398mm deep, this little powerhouse sports an ice making capacity of 15kg in 24 hours with the option of small, medium or large cubes. Convenient indicators will let you know when you need to top up the water level and when your ice compartment is full and ready to be emptied.

Think About Longevity

Thanks to the five-year warranty on the compressor and a three-year warranty on the unit, you can rest in peace that this high-quality, stainless steel ice maker is just what you need.

At only R7,499, this is an investment worth every cent.

For the iciest results, remember to use filtered mineralised water, as water treated with reverse osmosis purification often gives a false water indicator. Cleaning your ice maker is super easy – just add a Milton sterilising tablet or 10ml vinegar to the water at least once or twice a month.

ice on demand

Summer is around the corner and it’s going to be hot, so make it easy on yourself, chill out in style and listen to the freshly frozen ice blocks gently clinking in your glass.



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