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Summer is here and with the blistering African sun pushing the mercury well over the 30 (and in some cases 40) degrees Celcius mark, we all need a portable food and beverage cooling solution.
Riding a mountain bike in the mountains, your lungs are filled with fresh mountain air.
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Gear Up forA Healthier, Happier New Year

With South Africa being an outdoor Utopia, adopting an active lifestyle is a walk in the park – literally. But if you fancy something a little more exhilarating, mountain biking might be the zenith of freedom, exercise, adventure and fun you could have.

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Lavish Beach House Living

Forget small cottage vibes featuring grandma’s lounge set and hand-me-down beds. Banish those beach house blues and turn that forgotten cottage into a luxe coastal paradise.

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Edward Bath and I am A South African Overland adventure filmmaker and photographer

Edward Bath | Brand Ambassador

This week asked a few questions of another of our brand ambassadors, Edward Bath. A passionate overland adventure filmmaker and photographer who loves travelling to some of Africa’s more remote areas for that elusive shot.

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