Wine Tasting 5 simple steps
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5 Easy Steps to Mastering Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is often considered to be an art and much like art, it is important to discover what appeals to you. When offered a new wine to try for the first time, you need to know how to judge and assess the wine for yourself rather than simply reading the back of the bottle.

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IONA Wine Farm Elgin
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Iona: people-first approach in creating outstanding wines

When Andrew Gunn, an engineer by training, early in 1997 set foot upon a solitary tired apple farm on a mountain top overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, he knew he had found the perfect farm. He named it Iona, after the island off the West Coast of Scotland where his ancestors hail from.

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Keep your 12v fridge freezer running during offroading adventures with energy saving tips
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10 Energy-saving tips for your 12V fridge freezer

Few things beat the feeling of pulling an ice-cold beer out of your camping fridge on a scorching day in the middle of nowhere. Spring has sprung and the world is opening up with summer holidays just around the corner. So, now is the time to dust off the gear and get ready to hit the road to somewhere undiscovered.

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A Western Cape road trip is a great way to rediscover the beauty and diversity of South Africa.

Keep SA Moving | Western Cape Road Trip

With cross-border travel restricted by the Covid-19 pandemic, South Africans have, over the last 18 months, explored their own backyard more than ever. Discovering our beautiful country’s hidden gems, intrepid explorers have met our diverse people and learned about their different customs and cultures.

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