12Kg Counter-Top Ice-Maker

Cool, clear and perfectly shaped – the SnoMaster ZB-14 Counter-Top Ice-Maker makes ice bullets that are designed to chill your beverages swiftly and evenly. With the capacity to produce up to 12kg of ice per day, this compact yet powerful unit is ready for any occasion. From elevating your cocktail game to keeping soft drinks refreshingly cold, the ice bullets add a touch of class to any drink. Its minimalistic design, available in various colours, effortlessly complements any kitchen, chic apartment, or entertainment area. With the ZB-14, your beverages are always served chilled, just the way you like them

Range Features:

10 Ice Bullets Per Cycle
Diagnostic Check On Start up
Adjustable Leveling Feet (+/- 10mm)
Note: Water Treated With Reverse Osmosis Purification Often Gives A False Water Indicator. Rather Use Filtered Mineralised Water
Ice Cyle Time Is Dependent On Water Temperature. Clean And Drain The Unit At Least Once Or Twice A Month. 10ml Vinegar Can Be Added To The Water To Help The Cleaning Process.
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Dimensions (mm) Unit:
Dimensions (mm) Packaged:
Storage Volume:
Rated Current:
Net Weight:
Ice Type:
Ice Making Capacity:
Ice Bullet Size (mm):
Total Input Power:
Design Criteria:
Suggested Application:
(H) 380 (W) 310 (D) 385
(H) 420 (W) 455 (D) 365
Bullet Ice
S 25, M 28, L30
Engineered for the African climate.
Office, Apartment, Kitchen, Home Bar, B&B
Available in Red, Grey or Black

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