Freestanding Hot And Cold Water Dispenser

Effortlessly meet your hydration needs with the SnoMaster YLR2-5-16LB Freestanding Hot and Cold Water Dispenser. perfectly suited for home or office environments. This versatile appliance is ready to serve cool, refreshing water or hot beverages at a moment’s notice. Streamlining your daily hydration, the YLR2-5-16LB combines convenience with performance, ensuring that your ideal temperature is always within reach.

Range Features:

Drainage Port
Isolating Switches
Compressor Cooled Hot And Cold Water
Water Bottle Excluded

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Dimensions (mm) Unit:
Dimensions (mm) Packaged:
Net Weight:
Cooling Amps:
Heating Power:
Hot Water:
Cold Water:
Total Input Power
Design Criteria
Suggested Applications
(H) 960 (W) 320 (D) 320
(H) 1000 (W) 365 (D) 370
≤ 90°C 5L/h
≤ 10°C 2L/h
Engineered for the African climate.
Home, Office, Café, Restaurant, Gym, Sports Clubs, Schools
SnoMaster - Water Disp - 360-02

Product Features:

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No cold or hot water

• Over consumption of water in short time
• No power supply

Just wait a moment for water to flow.
Connect plug to power source; turn on the switch.

• Empty bottle
• Inlet of bottle supporter blocked by bottle seal

Replace it with another one or clean out
obstructions, bottle seal and try install
bottle again

Leakage from bottle supporter

• Not a level installation

Ensure Water Dispenser is positioned
evenly / flat on the ground

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