66L Low Profile Dual Compartment Stainless Steel Fridge/Freezer

Adventure doesn’t mean compromise. The 66L Low Profile Dual Compartment Stainless Steel Fridge/Freezer is your trusty companion when hitting the road. Tailor its dual compartments to your needs: a fridge/freezer combo, dual fridges, or dual freezers. No more rationing supplies for your road trips – stock up freely on your favourite refreshments and delicacies. Designed to snugly fit under your tourney cover, it’s the ideal partner for your daring escapades. The open road is calling – answer it with confidence

Range Features:

Low Profile
3 Speed Setting (High, Auto, Low)
Low Voltage Cut Out Setting (10, 10.7, 11.8V)
Internal LED Light
Lid Open Alarm
Includes: Baskets, Bottle Opener, Solar Powered Remote Control And Transit Cover
Note: All Measurements Include Hinges, Locks And Handles; And Exclude Transit Cover
*Recommended Retail Price

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Dimensions (mm) Unit:
Dimensions (mm) Packaged:
Storage Volume:
Rated Current AC/DC:
Temp Range:
Net Weight:
Polyurethane Insulation:
Voltage AC:
Voltage DC:
Design Criteria:
(H) 470 (W) 845 (D) 520
(H) 515 (W) 865 (D) 540
Left: 32.5L, Right: 33.5L
-22°C to 10°C
Engineered for the African climate.
Stainless Steel

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