147Kg Plumbed-In Commercial Ice-Maker Square Ice

Amplify your commercial operations with the SM-150 Plumbed-In Commercial Ice-Maker. With the capacity to create up to 147kg of square ice blocks per day, this durable stainless steel machine matches the momentum of your bustling restaurant, lively bar, or vibrant cocktail lounge. Ensuring continuous delivery of pristine ice, this dependable ice-maker keeps your beverages cool and your customers delighted. For the business that never stops, the SM-150 is the workhorse that keeps on delivering, round the clock, every day.

Range Features:

162 Ice Cubes Per Cycle
Water Recycling Function
Allow +/- 150mm For Castor Wheels
Note: We Recommend A Certified Plumber Installs These Plumbed-In Ice-Makers. These Units Have A Gravity-Fed Drain Point, Thus The Drain Point Must Be Lower Than The Ice-Maker. Ensure To Keep The Units Well Ventilated. A Maximum Ambient Temperature of 38°C is recommended. Ensure To Clean The Condensor Filter Accordingly.
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Dimensions (mm) Unit:
Dimensions (mm) Packaged:
Storage Bin Volume:
Rated Current:
Net Weight:
Ice Type:
Ice Making Capacity:
Square Ice Size (mm):
Total Input Power:
Design Criteria:
Suggested Application
Castor Wheels (mm):
(H) 1495 (W) 760 (D) 865
(H) 1530 (W) 960 (D) 850
60Kg + 60Kg
Square Ice
H 22, W 22, D24
Engineered for the African climate.
Commercial Operation, Bar, Pub,Restaurant, Hotel
(H) 150
Stainless Steel

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