How To Choose the Best Wine Cooler For Your Collection

Let your exclusive wine collection speak for itself by storing and displaying the precious vessels in nothing but the finest wine coolers.

They ooze elegance and are a key appliance in any sophisticated living space. To ensure you have nothing but the best, we have put together a couple of important points to consider when selecting a wine cooler for your next renovation.

Find the Best Location

Do you want it to be a centrepiece and a talking point or be a subtle addition in your modish kitchen or behind the pool bar? We’ve selected some trending location ideas to inspire your interior designer in their installation task.

Tasteful sipping in the kitchen

Cooking pairs perfectly with wine – in and out of the pot. Ultra elegant undercounter wine coolers are a striking addition to your butler’s pantry or kitchen island. Speak to your interior designer about the ideal kitchen location.

Sexy staircase statement

An array of wine coolers placed under a grand staircase behind a sleek, panelled, glass front is a modern look that will put your wine collection in the spotlight.

Bougie Basement Alternative

Basements have traditionally been used as wine cellars due to the more constant, cooler temperatures. With a SnoMaster wine cooler, you can transform any room or space in your home into a “luxury wine cellar” without any major renovations.

Tip: Give the space a feminine touch with fabulous art on the walls and a glamorous Swarovski chandelier.

Select the wine cooler size that suits you best

Whether you should go for a large, tall, or small wine cooler, the key to choosing the best wine cooler to suit your lifestyle is to think about what type of wine enthusiast you are:

The Midweek Merlots and Saturday Sauvignons lover

For the leisurely wine lover, an undercounter type is an ideal option. The finest choice in the land for you is SnoMaster’s Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Pro Series, A top pick, SnoMaster’s VT-46Pro dual zone wine cooler, is compact, convenient and can store up to 46 bottles of your favourite wine bottles.

The Syrah soirées and Chardonnay celebrations fan

For the avid entertainer, we recommend SnoMaster’s 94 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Pro Series (VT-94PRO). Be it entertaining at your beachfront holiday apartment or parties at your pool house, this is the most luxe option for you. If you enjoy cocktails on the side, the 176L Double Door Wine and Beverage Cooler – Pro Series is a must.

This classy double door wine fridge gives you a beautiful and efficient space to cool all your drinks – with up to 34 bottles of wine and 95 litres of beverages – think tonic for your gin, dry lemon for that vodka and fruit for chilled cocktails.

The wine collector

For the passionate wine connoisseur, we recommend SnoMaster’s 181 Bottle Luxury Dual Zone Wine Cooler from the SnoMaster Pro Series. The understated elegance of these coolers means you can place a couple of them next to each other for a flawless wall of chilled wine.

If your collection has outgrown this size, the SnoMaster Triple Door Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler can store up to 800 litres of your favourite wines and drinks. This is an all-rounder that will take care of all your beverage needs in one elegant location.

Invest in the best wine cooler

  1. Go for ultra-quiet wine coolers with low vibrations. SnoMaster’s flagship Pro Series collection promises to be ultra-quiet with low vibration so that you don’t even know that they are working in the background.
  2. Get the look. You want your wine cooler to be a beautiful feature element in your home, which is why SnoMaster has chosen first-class finishes. Think Beachwood sliding shelves, sleek black finishes, tinted, tempered glass doors, and automatic control panel lock. Look out for anti-fogging technology with blue internal LED lighting to keep your carefully selected bottles on display while protecting them from harmful UV rays.
  3. Read the fine print. All the SnoMaster wine and beverage coolers come with a five-year warranty on the compressor and a three-year warranty on the unit. This means you will have peace of mind, knowing that your precious wines are safely stored for years to come.

Check Out Some of SnoMaster’s Best Wine Coolers



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