Chilling Success: The Remarkable Journey of SnoMaster

In the Frosty Footsteps of Innovation

In the landscape of refrigeration, one name has consistently stood out for it’s commitment to quality, innovation, and an unwavering passion for the great outdoors. SnoMaster, founded by Shane Bennett in 2002, has evolved from its humble beginnings into a national powerhouse, redefining the way we approach refrigeration for adventures, homes, and businesses alike.

Early Ventures and Expansion (2002-2010)

SnoMaster’s roots were planted firmly in 2002 when Shane Bennett embarked on a journey to create reliable, durable and fit for purpose refrigeration, with the vision of developing high-end niche products designed to suit the needs of the African market. In 2004, the company found its first physical home at 134 Kuschke Street, Meadowdale, Germiston. This marked the beginning of SnoMaster’s manufacturing journey, with the assembly of the first SnoMaster 15kg ice-maker and the arrival of the first container from assembly factories.

The year 2005 witnessed a significant expansion with the launch of 40L, 60L, and 80L 12/220V portable fridge/freezers, showcasing SnoMaster’s commitment to versatility. Simultaneously, commercial ice-makers with capacities ranging from 26kg to 130kg hit the market, catering to diverse needs.

Diversification and Innovation (2007-2010)

As the demand for portable refrigeration soared, SnoMaster responded with the introduction of 56L and 72L dual-compartment 12V portable fridge/freezers in 2007. This era also witnessed SnoMaster’s foray into the caravan market with a range of 220V units. In 2008, SnoMaster continued to expand its product line, launching 14kg ice-makers, a range of portable fridge-freezers, and under-counter beverage coolers.

The acquisition of a 4000m2 production facility in 2010 signaled SnoMaster’s dedication to meeting the increasing global demand for its products.

Growth and Global Presence (2011-2016)

In 2011, SnoMaster took another leap forward, moving to a 1500m2 premises at 97 Fleming Road, Meadowdale, Germiston. The product line expanded with the introduction of 40L and 70L 220/LPG fridge/freezer models, catering to a broader audience.

The year 2016 marked a pivotal moment as SnoMaster’s OEM products entered the South African market, reaching international shores in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, Spain, Malaysia, and Dubai. This expansion solidified SnoMaster’s position as a leading player in the portable refrigeration industry.

Advancements and New Horizons (2018-2021)

SnoMaster’s commitment to excellence reached new heights in 2018 with the launch of the Pro Series and Sub-Zero beverage and wine coolers. The company moved to a sprawling 6000m2 premises at 49 Koornhof Road, Meadowdale, Germiston, equipped with a retail centre testing department, and a full-service centre.

The year 2020 witnessed further innovation with the introduction of the first 12V and under-counter beverage coolers featuring temperature indicators and remote controls. Additionally, SnoMaster expanded its reach with the launch of a branch in Cape Town at 31 Stella Road, Montague Gardens, comprising a 1250m2 facility.

From Family-Run to Corporate Excellence (2021 Onward)

In 2021, SnoMaster underwent a significant transformation, evolving from a family-run business into a corporate establishment. This shift reflects the brand’s evolution, adapting to the changing dynamics of the market while staying true to its core values of quality, durability, and customer satisfaction.

Conclusion: A Frosty Legacy Continues

As we traverse the chilling history of SnoMaster, from its inception in 2002 to its present-day corporate stature, one thing remains crystal clear – SnoMaster is more than a brand; it’s a legacy. A legacy of innovation, resilience, and a passion for keeping things cool, even in the most challenging environments. As SnoMaster continues to push boundaries and redefine industry standards, the frosty journey is far from over. Stay tuned for the next chapter in the remarkable saga of SnoMaster!



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