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As the South African sun climbs high and the mercury soars, there’s nothing like hitting the road for some holiday fun.
Embrace the luxury of perfectly chilled wine with the panache of retro design. The VT-19R Retro Wine Cooler….
As the days stretch longer and the sun blazes brighter, the call of adventure grows louder. Whether you’re planning a family expedition,
The excitement is palpable as the Rugby World Cup approaches, especially for South African fans who have a profound love for the sport.
Welcome to the world of convenience and style with the SnoMaster 48L Retro Beverage Cooler SC-50! In this blog, we’ll explore the fantastic benefits of having this sleek and charming countertop cooler
Let’s talk about the SnoMaster ZBC-15 Countertop Ice-Make. Hello there South African party legends! Are you ready to turn up the heat and cool it down at the same time?
Pockets of South Africans have taken to the American tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving but could it be time we established our own version of the American tradition to help South
Wine tasting is often considered to be an art and much like art, it is important to discover what appeals to you. When offered a new wine to try
Prosecco is Italy’s answer to French Champagne. Made with highly aromatic Glera grapes, good quality Prosecco is every bit as elegant and festive as Champagne and thus perfect for the
Whoever said Champagne was only for celebrations must have been drinking plonk! Champagne is versatile enough for any occasion and we encourage everyone to share a glass of Champagne with
When Andrew Gunn, an engineer by training, early in 1997 set foot upon a solitary tired apple farm on a mountain top overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, he knew he had
With the effects of climate change being felt around the world and the global Race To Zero gaining momentum ahead of the COP 26 climate change conference taking place next
There is only one small problem with wine tasting: driving home. Enter the Franschhoek Wine Tram. Touted as the best way to view the Cape Winelands, The Franschhoek Wine Tram
Few things beat the feeling of pulling an ice-cold beer out of your camping fridge on a scorching day in the middle of nowhere. Spring has sprung and the world
To a bar or restaurant owner, fridges are essential and a major investment that could make or break the business. A good commercial beverage cooler must keep, wine, beer, milk
When Florida-based physician, John Gorrie’s mechanical ice maker was ridiculed in the press in 1851, few would have thought that his invention would one day change the world

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