Why the SC-70R is your perfect match-day pairing?

South Africa, are you ready for the Rugby World Cup 2023? It’s trying time, and your game-day experience won’t be complete without our SnoMaster 68L Counter-Top Beverage Cooler (SC-70R). This nifty ‘cool’ guy is packing a whole lot of fun under its hood, so let’s ruck and roll into its winning features that will have you yelling “Bokke!”

Extra Drink Configuration Racks:

Our SC-70R isn’t your ordinary beverage cooler – it’s the Eben Etzebeth of drinks storage with its mighty extra drink configuration racks. No matter if it’s cans, bottles, or that special vino, this cooler handles them all with an efficiency that would impress the most organised forward pack.


Space-saving, fridge-preserving – this bad boy has your back. Wave goodbye to a cluttered kitchen fridge and say hello to a cooler that knows its job. No more playing musical chairs with your perishables every time you fancy a beverage.

Stylish Design:

This cooler doesn’t just talk the talk, it struts its stuff with an elegance that will have your space feeling like a VIP lounge at Loftus. With a modern, sleek design that would make even the harshest critic give a nod of approval, this cooler is the Cheslin Kolbe of style – making a try every time!


Say cheers to a clunky, unattractive past and raise a glass to a stylish future. The SC-70R is the perfect winger, sprinting down the touchline of convenience and aesthetics to score that match-winning try in your home.

Compact Footprint:

Our SC-70R has a compact footprint as nimble as Faf de Klerk, making placement a doddle. Whether it’s next to the couch for the nail-biting match, on the kitchen counter for easy access, or close to the braai, this is your flexible fly-half, ready to step up at any location.


Imagine this – the tension is palpable, the Bokke are on the attack, and you’re parched. Enter the SC-70R, with a cold drink at hand, you won’t miss a second of the action. No more frantic dashes to the kitchen during a pivotal scrum.


When you bring the SnoMaster SC-70R into your team, you’re not just getting a ‘cool’ appliance – you’re signing up a game-changer. It saves space, adds style and keeps your drinks cold, right where you need them.

As the World Cup kick-off draws near, let the SC-70R be your trusty teammate, delivering unforgettable match-day moments. Stay chilled, keep the energy high and revel in the rugby rapture, while your SC-70R makes sure your favourite drinks are always just an arm’s length away. This World Cup, let’s tackle it together, South Africa, and remember – Keep it cool, with SnoMaster!



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