Introducing the Retro Wine Cooler That Redefines Elegance

For the vino virtuoso with a flair for the refined and a penchant for the past, SnoMaster presents the VT-19R Retro Wine Cooler – a statement piece that’s as much about sophistication as it is about optimal wine storage. With its sleek lines, choice of classic black or cream finishes, and a nod to the glamorous bygone era, this chic appliance is the perfect complement to any stylish apartment, home office, or elegant entertaining space in South Africa’s warm climes.

Retro, Meet Revolutionary:

The VT-19R isn’t just a pretty face. With capacity for your carefully curated 12-14 bottle collection, it offers a haven for your wines, ensuring they’re cradled at just the right temperature for the perfect pour, every time. Forget the days when “room temperature” in sunny South Africa left your Merlot a touch too warm. The VT-19R is the guardian of the grape, the keeper of cool.

Sophisticated Storage, Simplified:

1. Climate Control: With precise temperature management, the VT-19R makes sure your Chardonnay is crisp and your Shiraz, sublime.

2. Vibration Reduction: It’s the custodian of your bottles, ensuring vibrations don’t disrupt the wine’s natural ageing process.

3. Showcase Spotlight: The VT-19R’s elegant display window artfully presents your favourite vintage, inviting admiration and anticipation with each glance.

A Touch of Feminine Finesse:

In an ode to the wine connoisseurs and design aficionados, the VT-19R brings a blend of functionality and femininity. It’s a wine cooler that whispers elegance and shouts personality. It’s for the host who pairs each course with a thoughtful wine, the entrepreneur who concludes deals over a glass of vintage, and the dreamer who sips and savours the stories each bottle holds.

The Warmth of Wine, The Cool of Style:

The VT-19R is your invitation to transform how you store wine. It’s about keeping your Riesling relaxed and your Pinotage poised, not just for the taste but for the toast. It’s about the experience – from the pop of the cork to the last delightful drop.


Embrace the luxury of perfectly chilled wine with the panache of retro design. The VT-19R Retro Wine Cooler is more than an appliance; it’s a centrepiece, a conversation starter, and a homage to the art of wine. In a South African summer, let style and substance be your wine’s companions.

Ready to add a dash of retro elegance to your wine experience? Discover the VT-19R in black or cream and let your wine indulge in a little luxury. Your collection deserves it, and so do you. Cheers to wine, cheers to design, cheers to the moments in between.



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