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Car Washing with a portable pressure washer

Are portable pressure washers a force to be reckoned with?

Fishing skis, boats and bikes…our favourite toys all need a good wash down after an action-packed outdoor adventure. Whether blasting caked-on mud from your off-road motorbike, rinsing saltwater off your fishing ski or sand and algae off your boat, having a portable pressure washer on hand cuts wash time in half, allowing you more time to enjoy ice-cold refreshments with friends and family around the fire.

Bring a cozy home atmosphere to your off-grid travel experience with solar power.

Do solar panel systems deliver bang for your buck?

With the latest round of load shedding darkening our doorsteps, the question on everybody’s lips is, should I go solar? What about portable solar panel systems? Is it worth the capital layout and will I get enough bang for my buck?