SnoMaster Leisure Series of 12V Portable Camping Fridge Freezers Badge Transparent

Leisure Series

The SnoMaster® Leisure Series of car fridges and freezers are compact and high-performance camping coolers for use in the vehicle cabin or boot.

They are ideal for going on camping, overlanding, 4x4ing, or boating trips around South Africa. They’re also good for daily use such as in picnics, braais or even shopping.

Because of the plastic housing and reduced wall thickness (40mm), these SnoMaster truck and car fridges are lighter and are more easily portable than other models.

The 12-litre model is so compact that it can be easily stored in the vehicle cabin or used as a console fridge between the seats of the 79 Series Land Cruiser.

They are equipped with the same reliable technology you expect from our products and a powerful mini SnoMaster® compressor.