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80kg Automatic Ice Maker

R19,995.00 Inc VAT


Size: 730  W x 600 D x 1015 H
Watts: 680
Capacity: 80kg per 24hr
Storage bin capacity: 45kg
Cubes per cycle: 39 (approx 45 min per cycle)
Ice cube size: Approx. 42M
Applications: Commercial or domestic application

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  • Makes gourmet ice 
  • Front ventilating
  • Stainless steel
  • Embraco Compressor
  • Replaceable nozzles

  • Easy maintenance with replaceable nozzles
  • Gravity fed drain reduces moving parts
  • Spray system gives a clear, solid ice block
  • Front discharging so can be built-in

  • Recommended that filtration system be installed to help protect the “spray” function
  • Unit is front discharging
  • This is a gravity fed drain, thus drain point must be lower than unit
  • New models will have on/off switch

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