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50kg Automatic Ice Maker

R14,995.00 Inc VAT


50kg automatic, plumbed-in ice maker (stainless steel).

Size: 495 W x 610 D x 830 H
Watts: 400

Capacity: 52Kg per 24Hr
Storage bin capacity: 10kg
Cubes per cycle: 32
Ice Cube size: 30mm (approx 25 min per cycle)
Applications: Domestic or commercial pubs, restaurants, etc

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  • Bullet type
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Stainless steel water inlet valve
  • Water agitator
  • Water recycling Function
  • Ice bin storage mat
  • ON/OFF switch

  • Inlet valve can handle higher pressures
  • Water agitator reduces air in the water to produce clearer, harder ice
  • 90% of the water is recycled through the system to reduce water waste
  • Storage bin mat protects the bin lining from damage that might be caused when “scooping” ice.

  • These units have a gravity fed drain point, thus drain point must be lower than the machine
  • Keep unit well ventilated

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