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Maxi Evaporative Cooler

R2,000.00 Inc VAT


Input Voltage: 12/240V
Water Tank Capacity: 1200ml
Water Consumption: approx. 150ml/hr
Dimensions: 140L x 300W x 310Hmm
Weight: 2.40kg

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  • 2 Fan Speed
  • AC/DC Rechargeable
  • Detachable Water Tank
  • Fan Only Mode
  • Tilt Shut Off Switch

The Companion Maxi Evaporative Cooler is the perfect way for cooling down during the hottest seasons. All Companion Fans and Coolers feature inbuilt batteries with AC/DC charging options as standard. Lightweight and powerful, you're sure to stay cooler for longer.

Minimum Run Time: 3.3 hours (fan on high with cooler running)
Maximum Run Time: 6.5 hours (fan only - low speed)
Battery Charging Time: 12 hours (min.)
Battery Type: Lead Acid 6V - 6Ah

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