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ZBC-15D 12V Portable Ice Maker

R7,495.00 Inc VAT


Size: 350 W x 400 D x 415 H
Watts: AC/DC
Domestic Ice Maker

Ice Cubes per Cycle : 12
Approx. 15 min per cycle
Ice Cube size: 25mm (S) 28mm (M) 30mm (L)
Applications: Camping / Solar

  • 15kg ice maker
  • Stainless Steel finish
  • Stainless steel hinge pins
  • New lid handle
  • Bullet type ice
  • 12 ice cubes per cycle
  • Add water function
  • Full ice sensor
  • Removable ice bucket
  • 3 cube size selection
  • Drain point
  • Portable
  • Approx. 1.8kg ice storage
  • Dianoetic check on start up

  • Sealed PC Board which reduces moisture content and corrosion
  • Copper/aluminum evaporator which is less corrosive that standard steel evaporators
  • Stainless steel pins makes moving parts more durable

  • Don’t use RO water as this can give a false water indicator. Rather use filtered mineralised water
  • Ice cycle time is dependent on water temperature
  • Clean and drain the unit at least once or twice a month
  • Milton or 10ml vinegar can be added to the water to help the cleaning process

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