It’s a status symbol that showcases your lifestyle and is the business card to your home: the kitchen. So start 2021 with a kitchen renovation and design project that says “luxe living at its best”.

Ask any estate agent, and they will tell you that a fab kitchen will sell a house. There is no room that demands more attention or warrants a higher investment value than ‘the heart of the home’.

Are you are trying to increase your resale value? Have you bought a fixer upper that needs some work? Either way, knowing where to spend and where to save will make all the difference in getting it right.

Make your kitchen renovation and design mission easy with these dos and don’ts for a dreamy kitchen. Ready? Let’s go.

Design is everything

A large centre island is a striking statement and the gathering point in the kitchen.
A large centre island is a striking statement and the gathering point in the kitchen.

Kitchen renovation and design is not just about having the latest and best of everything in it, it is about how it works. Spend time getting the flow right – think about the appliances you use most often and then place them in a practical and easy-to-use location.

Let the cupboards go right to the ceiling to maximize storage options.
Let the cupboards go right to the ceiling to maximize storage options.

Use space wisely by going for vertical storage options and clever cupboard placement. A go-to method to help you achieve an efficient design is to picture a “working- triangle”. Each point connects the fridge, stove and sink. This method works best when you have a U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen with a centre island.

If you have the space, a butler’s pantry is a trendy kitchen add-on that makes keeping your kitchen clean and neat effortless. The butler’s pantry is a separate space leading off the kitchen where you do all the washing up and the “dirty” work. Here you want a big sink, dishwasher, laundry area and loads of extra storage.

Bring it to the centre

Adding essential appliances into the centre island will make cooking that much more social. Kitchen renovation and design
Adding essential appliances into the centre island will make cooking that much more social.

There is nothing more antisocial than standing with your back towards your friends, keeping an eye on the food while cooking. When designing your kitchen, think about putting all the cooking prep essentials along with the stovetop in the centre island.

Opt for a little veggie wash sink, a chopping station and a bin below the counter. This will allow you to wash, chop and chuck the leftovers all in one convenient space. Slide the prepared veggies into the pan and off you go, all while being able to chat with your friends and family.

Lastly, but most importantly, add seating to your kitchen island to make it a social space.

Countertops are crucial in any Kitchen renovation and design project

Natural Stone counter tops add a modern yet classic touch

Natural Stone Counter Tops

Earthy texture is a timeless trend. Depending on your kitchen renovation budget and personal preference, there is a wide selection of surface options. Choose from traditional marble, granite, soapstone, slate or the more modern look of engineered quartz.

A favourite in this department is CaesarStone. Quartz countertops are generally more durable than marble, for example, and are available in a wide range of colours. Quartz is also non-porous which means it is not as susceptible to staining as other natural stone products or even concrete. Being non-porous is also more hygienic as bacteria and viruses cannot take hold.

Kitchen renovation and design ideas for concrete counter tops add an industrial look to your home

Concrete Counter Tops

What was once frowned upon in its raw form is now a hot feature in some of the most modern and iconic buildings worldwide. Exposed concrete is a stunning way to bring texture into your kitchen.

The low-maintenance material looks great and is pretty easy going. With various staining, pigmenting and resin techniques, you can create just about any colour look with concrete. Depending on your design, could even add other materials such as shells, glass or pebbles into the mix for some natural inspiration.

While it is durable and can withstand high temperature, concrete should be resealed every few years to ensure it does not become porous.

While there are many online instructions for those interested in DIY, this is a prominent feature in your kitchen. If you’re not willing to risk doing it yourself, be sure to choose a reputable concrete master to precast your countertops. This is one area where you do not want to skimp. Going cheap here can give you major problems, like cracking later on.

Wooden counters are versatile and luxurious but do require regular maintenance

Wooden Counters

A classic in the countertop design world, wood will always remain one of the favourites. It instantly creates a welcoming, warm and homely feel.

With so many types, colours, stains and grains available, wood can be used in just about any kitchen no matter the style.

Do your bit for the environment and choose reclaimed wood for your countertops for an eco-friendly workspace.

Wood will require a certain level of maintenance to remain hygienic and hard-wearing, so regular sealing will be necessary. Longterm, your countertop may need sanding and resealing about every 10 to 15 years, depending on the wood and wear and tear.

Invest in the best

Now that the major kitchen renovation and design work is done, it is time for the fun stuff – appliances! With our busy daily lives, kitchens need to be as convenient as possible, which calls for gadgets.

Kitchen renovation and design adding a trendy wine fridge under the counter for an elegant look and extra convenience

Think about adding a trendy wine fridge under the counter for an elegant touch and perfected cooled wines.

A bar fridge under the centre island countertop is also a great option for easy, on-the-go veggies and fruit for your meal prep. Stay hydrated by investing in a water dispenser for litres of fresh, cool and purified water at the press of a button.

Never go without ice this summer with a clever ice maker. The countertop machine will provide copious amounts of perfect ice cubes ideal for cocktails and slushies.

Summer calls for frozen desserts and what is more luxe than enjoying home-made ice creams and sorbets by the pool?! With a dessert maker, you can create just about any frozen dessert with just a couple of fresh ingredients and little to no effort.

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