Like Connie and Shona or Jay-Z and Beyoncé, the chemistry between certain things makes the partnership undeniably greater than the sum of its parts. A home coffee station is a must-have design element in the modern home, but it doesn’t quite live up to expectations without a complementary wine bar by its side.

Integrating a cosy wine bar and coffee station experience with the comfort of your home is all about luxury, functionality and convenience. With a dash of creativity, your home wine bar and coffee station transforms into a unique, custom entertainment feature that matches your fine sense of style.

Modern coffee and wine station with shelves, plants, coffee machine and wine glasses on a black wall
Modern coffee and wine station with shelves, plants, coffee machine and wine glasses on a black wall

How to Design a Wine Bar for Your Home

When it comes to design options, the sky is the limit. Whether you are going for a modern farmhouse motif, a minimalist Nordic look, or a boho eclectic feel, mimicking the elements of a wine bar and coffee station is will bring it all together.

1. Start with the basics

Let the wine cooler and coffee machine take centre stage. Display a few showpiece wines or Champagnes front and centre in the wine cooler and use your favourite day-to-day drinking wines to fill in the blanks.

Pro tip: Because Champagne, red and white wines are all stored and served at different temperatures, we recommend investing in a dual-zone wine cooler.

2. Introduce Layers

Add design layers by displaying stylish jars of sugar, cinnamon and marshmallows, baskets with teabags and coffee pods along with your favourite coffee mugs and wine glasses. Make sure there are enough wine glasses and mugs so there’s no need for washing up when you could be spending time with your guests.

3. Throw in Some Textures

Even if you don’t own a coffee grinder, an ornate glass jar full of coffee beans adds an element of texture. Also use accessories such as an avant-garde wine opener, wine decanter and your favourite wine notation system as decoration in addition to fun signs to put your personal stamp on the space.

4. Create a Statement Piece

The amount and location of space available to a large extent dictates the shape and size of the wine and coffee station. Although nice to have, you don’t need a large area to create a functional statement piece.

A cabinet or cart may be the perfect fit for an out-of-the-way space away from the food prep area in the kitchen, while an inviting corner on your kitchen countertop above an undercounter wine or beverage cooler may be a great option for the beachfront holiday condominium.

5. Transform Unused Spaces into Focal Points

A luxury home wine and coffee station doesn’t have to be in the kitchen and an unused wall in the living or dining area is ideal for a spacious wine and coffee station with all the bells and whistles. A wine and coffee station away from the kitchen allows family and guests to serve themselves without distracting the chef in the kitchen.

6. Integrate a Coffee Station with Your Wine Bar

Building a coffee station into an existing home bar is the ultimate must-have design feature for a modern entertainer’s home, allowing the host to seamlessly transition between sun downers and caffeine-rich after-hours night caps.

A wine bar is not a wine bar without a reliable wine cooler and ice maker.
The space you have available will determine just how much you can fit into the view. Wine racks on the all with Snomaster wine cooler and ice maker

A coffee station integrates beautifully with a luxury home bar where the beverage or wine cooler and ice machine are always fully stocked. Opening up the possibility of serving spiked coffee beverages, it adds an additional layer of depth to your already impressive cocktail repertoire. Think iced Irish coffee, Anatolia café and southern limerick. Did anyone say hot white Russian?

Bring out the homemade ice cream for a sweet finale to a Friday night dinner party with a delicious affogato. Bellissimo!

7. Designate a Dedicated Wine Bar and Coffee Station at Home

The purpose of setting up a home wine bar and coffee station is to have everything in one place, eliminating the need to run around gathering wine, glasses, milk, mugs, teaspoons and special coffee syrups to get everyone’s individual orders right.

A triple door dual zone wine cooler is not only convenient and functional, but also adds an overtone of premium to your wine bar and coffee station. While displaying red and white wine in different cooling zones, it also keeps your mineral waters and soda cans, creams, almond, rice, soy and dairy milk refrigerated and ready for use.

8. Use a Wine and Coffee Cabinet to Keep Things Organised

If you prefer not having appliances and accessories on display, you can build your wine and coffee station into a kitchen cabinet to be kept behind closed doors when not in use. It is a guaranteed way of keeping things looking neat and tidy at all times.

9. Repurpose Old Pieces of Furniture

Another inventive option, especially if you are creative and looking for your next fun project, is to repurpose an old china cabinet or sideboard, turning it into your dream home bar and coffee station and an impressive accent feature. A few layers of distressed paint to compliment your home’s colour scheme and small baskets to keep small things like teaspoons and coffee pods out of sight will give a tired old piece of furniture new life.

You can use meat s-hooks to effortlessly hang mugs from wooden or steel rods on the wall, freeing up cabinet space for more wine glasses. White or decorative mugs on a different colour wall create a nice feature. Wall art above the wine or beverage cooler completes the look.

10. Go Mobile with a Drinks and Coffee Bar Cart

A drinks and coffee bar cart is perfect for making coffee with a French press as there is no need for a power outlet. The cart can easily be rolled from room to room or out onto the patio to give you and your guests a fresh cuppa or craft gin and tonic anywhere on the property.

Keep the ice bucket, coffee maker, pods, garnish, utensils and other sturdy items on the top shelf and fragile items like bottles, glasses and mugs on the bottom shelf. For a uniform look, keep the coffee maker, sugar bowl, mugs and milk jar all the same colour and spruce up the mobile drinks and coffee station with fresh flowers and wall decor where it’s kept when not in use.

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