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As the South African sun climbs high and the mercury soars, there’s nothing like hitting the road for some holiday fun.
Embrace the luxury of perfectly chilled wine with the panache of retro design. The VT-19R Retro Wine Cooler….
As the days stretch longer and the sun blazes brighter, the call of adventure grows louder. Whether you’re planning a family expedition,
The excitement is palpable as the Rugby World Cup approaches, especially for South African fans who have a profound love for the sport.
Welcome to the world of convenience and style with the SnoMaster 48L Retro Beverage Cooler SC-50! In this blog, we’ll explore the fantastic benefits of having this sleek and charming countertop cooler
Let’s talk about the SnoMaster ZBC-15 Countertop Ice-Make. Hello there South African party legends! Are you ready to turn up the heat and cool it down at the same time?
Whoever said Champagne was only for celebrations must have been drinking plonk! Champagne is versatile enough for any occasion and we encourage everyone to share a glass of Champagne with
When Andrew Gunn, an engineer by training, early in 1997 set foot upon a solitary tired apple farm on a mountain top overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, he knew he had
To a bar or restaurant owner, fridges are essential and a major investment that could make or break the business. A good commercial beverage cooler must keep, wine, beer, milk
Fishing skis, boats and bikes…our favourite toys all need a good wash down after an action-packed outdoor adventure. Whether blasting caked-on mud from your off-road motorbike, rinsing saltwater off your
With the latest round of load shedding darkening our doorsteps, the question on everybody’s lips is, should I go solar? What about portable solar panel systems? Is it worth the
Let your exclusive wine collection speak for itself by storing and displaying the precious vessels in nothing but the finest wine coolers.
Health experts invariably preach about the value of drinking lots of water…and rightly so – water is life! It is the liquid gold that keeps your body hydrated and healthy
Our wine glass guide will make sure you have the ultimate glassware collection for every occasion.
Even subtle differences in a wine glass’ design can alter your experience, different glasses are shaped to enhance the experience. Learn more.
Summer is here and with the blistering African sun pushing the mercury well over the 30 (and in some cases 40) degrees Celcius mark, we all need a portable food

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