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There is only one small problem with wine tasting: driving home. Enter the Franschhoek Wine Tram. Touted as the best way to view the Cape Winelands, The Franschhoek Wine Tram altogether erases the hassle of driving while offering a unique and scenic experience of South Africa's best wine lands.
Keep your 12v fridge freezer running during offroading adventures with energy saving tips
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10 Energy-saving tips for your 12V fridge freezer

Few things beat the feeling of pulling an ice-cold beer out of your camping fridge on a scorching day in the middle of nowhere. Spring has sprung and the world is opening up with summer holidays just around the corner. So, now is the time to dust off the gear and get ready to hit the road to somewhere undiscovered.

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SnoMaster commercial bar fridges
Buyers Guides

2021 Commercial Bar Fridge Buyer’s Guide

To a bar or restaurant owner, fridges are essential and a major investment that could make or break the business. A good commercial beverage cooler must keep, wine, beer, milk and food at the appropriate temperature without fail to ensure a consistently superb customer experience and preservation of stock.

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Snomaster Ambassador

Alex Rochard’s Adventures Overland 4×4

This week we’re profiling another passionate brand ambassador, Alex Rochard of Adventure Overland 4×4. Born in Senegal and initially inspired by the Dakar Rally, Alex has put the Capetown film industry behind him and now spends his time exploring the great outdoors.

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