This week we’re profiling another passionate brand ambassador, Alex Rochard of Adventure Overland 4×4. Born in Senegal and initially inspired by the Dakar Rally, Alex has put the Capetown film industry behind him and now spends his time exploring the great outdoors.

Tell us about yourself and what your passion is?

I was born and raised in Dakar, Senegal. Year after year I would go watch the arrival of the Dakar Rally as they came over the dunes, and on to the finish line. I was instantly hooked.
I’ve been doing road trips with friends since the age of 16, and have always had a passion for new cultures, new places, and new faces. The planet, and how people live has always been fascinating to me.

Now that I have kids, I am honoured to share that passion with them. As a family, we try to be outside and take advantage of the off-road lifestyle as much as possible! It’s in my blood to always be on the move! It drives my wife crazy sometimes!

What don’t people know about you?

I am a freelance photographer and digital operator, with the last 10 years spent in the very fast-paced Cape Town film industry. I grew tired of that, and have relocated our family to Botswana full time to pursue a life closer to the bush!

Explain what you do, and how SnoMaster fits into your trips?

It started with my wife and I, and we have now grown into a family of four. Exploring Africa with a newborn, and a 2-year-old is demanding, let’s be honest. However, I cannot stress enough that it is doable and worth every effort. Our 50L SnoMaster portable fridge freezer does not leave our side and is always running while on the road.

The kiddies need to be fed, and bribed from time to time with goodies 🙂 I have put this fridge to the ultimate test, over and over. This fridge can handle dust, rain, and anything else I’ve thrown at it. It is definitely an essential part of our gear. It goes where we go!

Favorite destination?

I have plenty! In 2016 I participated in the Put Foot Rally which took us from Cape Town, up through Namibia, Zambia, Malawi and back through Botswana.
My favourite part of the trip was definitely Lake Malawi. An absolute piece of paradise, and untouched by mass tourism. Crystal clear warm water, Baobabs on the beach, and all-around good vibes! The Caribbean of Africa in my opinion!

Where can people get in touch with you?

Catch us on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook as our family grows, and we continue to explore this beautiful continent we are privileged to call home.
If you see us on the road, or out and about, please come say hello!

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