Whether you’re remodeling, upgrading an outside kitchen, or looking to save space in your refrigerator, beverage coolers provide an impressive opulence and a space saving addition to remodeled kitchens, dens, basements, wet bars, pantries, and outdoor patio areas.


The SnoMaster range of Wine Chillers are specifically designed to cool, preserve and age wine. Storing and ageing wine correctly enhances the taste and brings out the rich aromas of your wine. Wine chillers have low vibration compressors to reduce disturbance of the sediment in the wine, which can affect the natural ageing process.


Our range of SnoMaster Portable Fridge/Freezers is made up of single and dual compartment fridge/freezers for every adventure. From our Classic, Leisure, Traveller & Expedition series, we have a fridge/freezer to keep your goodies cool.


The SnoMaster Ice Makers all have a SnoMaster high back pressure compressor which is more robust and works efficiently in higher ambient conditions, and has a sealed PC Board which reduces moisture content and corrosion.


The SnoMaster range of Water Dispensers are specifically designed to have low energy consumption and are perfect for use at home, in offices or gyms.


Our Camping & Outdoor range offers a wide variety of camping essentials to make your next camping trip the most comfortable and convenient.


During these uncertain times, one thing you can be sure of is that SnoMaster has you covered. Shop our range of essential goods and have them delivered to your door with contactless delivery for extra peace of mind.

SnoMaster is a leading manufacturer of quality 12- and 220-volt beverage coolers, wine chillers, fridge/freezers and ice makers. Over the last 20 years, SnoMaster has evolved into a trusted household name for refrigeration and cooling appliances for home, outdoor and business.